Open Constitution is ​changing the way humans ​coll​aborate.

Designed for open governance of collective intelligence, Open ​Constitution supports global citizens address humanity's challeng​es with sustainable, open source inno​vation.

Open Constitution

Peer to Peer HumaN Machine Intelligence​

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Ar​ticles of Association

Read Open Governance protocols​ for Natural persons, Fiscal Hosts​ and Electronic persons.

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E ​Residency

Open Access to intelligence and ​financial wellness care, healthcare, ​professional indemnity for citizens

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Op​en Trust

Read a primer on Open Trust. Vis​it Open Research portal.

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What is Open ​Constitution?

Technically, Open Constitution defines a peer to ​peer, network of open source intelligence, ​represented by a quantum state of non binary, ​probabilistic distribution(s) of a non spatial ​collective of artificial-biological neural network(s).

Network self governs itself with a combination of ​human and machine learning algorithms using ​Open Governance protocols, articulated in the ​Articles of Association of Open Constitution.

“Open Constitution is amendable.”

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Build a sustainable future with Open ​Constitution

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